total body resilience

Do you want to create a resilient body and live a longer, more active life? Would you like a simple routine that restores your movement patterns in order to prevent future problems and injuries?  Are you an athlete seeking to optimize your athletic performance? Are you seeking a mobility supplement that works with your current strength program?

Total Body Resilience training is focused on building strength, engaging the entire core,  improving mobility,  stabilizing the joints, and working through dynamic movement. My resilience programming will incorporate progressive exercise, as well as your specific goals so that you can return to the activities and hobbies you love.  If necessary, I will work with your coach, physical therapist, and/or other members of your health team to build the best plan for you.

Total Body Resilience helps:

  • Beginners
  • Athletes
  • Adult and Aging Athletes
  • Everyday Exercisers
  • Older adults who wish to remain active

Individual Sessions and Group Sessions Available. Please contact me for more information.

Sessions are set up to be convenient and work with your schedule. Equipment is provided.


Total Body Resilience does NOT provide the same medical rehabilitation services as physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, or physicians. I do NOT diagnose or treat any conditions; I provide safe and effective exercise programs once the client is considered medically stable.